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We believe that the youth population is a gift toward our future. ®

We envision a world where children’s future isn’t determined by their access to proper education.

Through the influence of education technology we empower youth to reach their full potential and give back to their communities.

Education 4.0 seeks to transform the lives of children who do not have the capabilities to follow the rest of the world in its discovery of innovative approaches and solutions towards the survival and success of our world.

Unfortunately, this is not always an option, specifically for those who do not have the means to commute to schools, lack family support or do not have the time with all other responsibilities they bear.

While some circumstances cannot be changed, what if we could provide reliable access to education no matter the location of instruction, time of day or availability of an educator? What if all students could be part of an inclusive and uniform learning environment and have an opportunity to succeed in an ever-evolving and competitive world?

With a strong alliance to communities around the world, we seek to accomplish this through collaborating and understanding the needs and wants of these communities and providing solutions through a suitability initiative.



Charif Hamidi
"When a child is deprived of the right to education, he or she is deprived of the right of life."
Naida Kardas
"Access to education is the key to social justice."
Faissal Al Hammadi
"Technology in the hands of great educators is the future."
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